Tahoe Time Lapse: Commons Beach Bears & Concert Crowds

Tahoe Time Lapse: Sept 2, 2018 - Commons Beach Final Concert

Tahoetopia's recently installed Commons Beach webcam captured this recent scene in Tahoe City at one of North Lake Tahoe's most iconic and popular gathering places. Watch carefully as two bears scavenge trash bins as first light arrives on Commons Beach. Soon thereafter, the crowd gathers to join together for the final show of the summer's Concerts at Commons Beach series on Sept. 2nd. featuring the popular band, Joy and Madness.

This time lapse video was captured directly from the webcam and covers the entire day, from dawn to dark.

The Commons Beach webcam, isoperated by Tahoetopia.com in association with the Tahoe City PUD and is sponsored by Tahoe Dave's and the Cobblestone Mall.

View the live cam anytime here.