Tahoe Time Lapse - Spring Cloud Show At Kings Beach Pier

Tahoe Time Lapse-KingsBeachPier2021-05-16_.mp4

As spring and late May in Tahoe are known to do, this year's weather has continued to throw curve balls. While local residents and businesses await the onset of true summer weather, we've been treated to some spectacular scenes. This Tahoe Time Lapse, captured by our webcam at North Tahoe Water Sports, located at the foot of the Kings Beach Pier, provides a look at the variety of weather that rolls through on a typical transition-season day. To be sure, there's always more to come. In fact, as we post this video, on May 21, it's been snowing, blowing, sunny, and brisk all day. As the old-timers used to say.... "don't like the weather? Wait a few minutes!

Check back for more Tahoe Time Lapse videos as we capture 'em!

- Tahoetopia

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