Lake Tahoe Creative Duo Release Song & Video to Inspire Voters

October 19, 2020


From News Release...
(TAHOE CITY, Calif. Oct. 19, 2020) With Election Day less than two weeks away, a North Lake Tahoe-based creative duo has released an original new song and animated music video titled Turn The Page in an effort to urge and inspire citizens to get out and vote.
A self-described “positive protest” song, written in the style and spirit of timeless protest songs of the sixties, Turn The Page takes a stark look at the current state of the nation and the increasing dissonance, anger, rhetoric and unrest in American politics and in communities across the nation.
“This song is a call to action,” says songwriter, musician, and producer, Eric T. Brandt. "It’s time to stand up and exercise the cornerstone of our democracy, our right–our duty, to vote”.
Turn The Page’s gritty guitar riffs, broad, flowing melody, and insightful lyrics  relay a message of concern intertwined with hope–for cooperation and compassion. It’s all summed up in the powerful “sing-along, anthem-style chorus – “raise your voice, raise your hand, make the choice, and take a stand.” 
“Ultimately, the goal of the song is to get people to vote", says Brandt. “We, the people, all of us, have to stand up and participate in order to keep this democracy alive and true."    
The song grew from a conversation between Brandt and creative partner/animator Tamara Warren about what they saw as growing unpleasantness emanating from Washington. “We were becoming increasingly disgusted and  concerned about the rampant and unchecked growth of angry and unsettling conduct being displayed by our nation’s elected leaders,” says Brandt. "We looked at each other and agreed that It’s time to do something to help stop this increasingly grim and alarming situation. Voting is the key” 
Brandt and Warren immersed themselves in the project over the last few months, working “Covid Safe”, from their home studios in Tahoe City, CA. on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. Both contributed to the lyrics and Brandt wrote the music and performed and  produced the song. Warren, a digital artist, created the animated music video. The song also includes the talents of notable musicians Timothy Drury (keyboards), and Nick South (Bass). 
Recognizing that time is short, Brandt and Warren are asking listeners to help spread the word and inspire people to vote by sharing the video and also posting a video of of themselves and friends singing along to the song’s chorus, using the hashtag: #turnthepage.  
Turn The Page will be available on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music and most other digital music platforms. Learn more and download the song “Turn The Page,” at or TEXT message “turnthepage” to 24587


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