Cisco Grove Campgrounds
Thursday, July 27, 2017 to Sunday, July 30, 2017
48415 Hampshire Rocks Rd
Soda Springs, CA 95728

An intimate four-day family, community, arts & music festival held high in the stunning High Sierra at the Cisco Grove Campgrounds. The annual Guitarfish Festival provides one of the most beautiful settings in California has to offer and an amazing place to listen to an exceptional lineup of top-notch bands, performers and musicians with friends and family.

Beyond the great music acts at Guitarfish Music Festival, there is camping with friends and loved ones. Beyond the mid-summer warmth and starlit night skies you will find towering trees, river swimming, hiking, world-class mountain or road biking, family camp and kids area with activities. One can find great food, coffee, beer and wine to enjoy under the shade cloths in the day and light shows at night. Simply Magical.

This wonderful festival is dedicated to raise awareness of overfishing and pollution of the ocean and to help preserve our fresh watersheds, rivers and streams.

To educate, preserve, give guidance and stewardship for our future and present safekeeping of our water and way of life.

Providing a safe, fun environment for celebration and education. A music festival geared not strictly for profit, but to be directed for the good of the people and our planet. To help provide education and direction for positive change to sustain and maintain healthy watersheds, rivers, streams, lakes and oceans and to preserve all living beings that depend on it.

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