Bar Bar Bar Pizza

760 Mays Blvd.
Inlcine Village, NV 89451
Phone: (775) 831-2877

Flavorful, homemade tomato sauce. Melted mozzarella cheese. Warm, fresh-baked pizza dough. Savory sausage and pepperoni. Zesty bell peppers and roasted garlic. Creamy, house-made bleu cheese dressing. Is your stomach growling yet? 

Pizza is one of the most delectable comfort foods. Its origins date back to the Neolithic age where records show people added toppings to their bread to make it taste better. It's the staple of childhood birthday parties, football games and movie nights. It brings families together on a Friday evening when mom or dad doesn't want to cook after the end of a long work week. 

Pizza is arguably one of the best culinary creations known to man, especially when the ingredients are homemade, like the pizza from Bar Bar Bar Pizza in Incline Village.

The Brockelsby family has been sharing their traditional take on pizza with the Incline Village community since 1988, and the family-owned establishment is nothing short of “the big cheese” when it comes to serving up high-quality, reasonably-priced pizza and salads.